Humanly world

I’ve been in this world for 20 years. Everyday makes me feel that this world is not the place where humans belong. I’m talking about the real humans, the one with true feelings and humanity, not the fake humans. What do I mean by the fake humans?
Well we all are fake humans it’s not that we intend to be fake humans, this world has made us fake, and the world we made. Humans are the machines which look like humans, but unfortunately they don’t have humanity.
Not completely but I’m also fake, Why not completely? Well I’m just saying that to defend the little humanity left inside me.
It is so annoying to see people post all kind and sensible stuff on social media, but in real world they are rude and senseless. Your Facebook posts and likes won’t change anything, but the person who was deeply hurt when you were talking bitterly to him/her will surely change something, but in a bad way. Everybody has a bad day, stress, pain, fear, depression, everyone faces them. But it doesn’t give you the right to cause turmoil among others. Kindness is all over the virtual world aka social world but it is almost nonexistent in the “real world”.
Be real, be a real human. Change is when you put a smile on someone’s face and trust me it makes your heart beat happily. When someone hugs you and cries their heart out, when someone relies on you when they are in trouble, when you hold someone’s hand and pull them up, that’s what brings the real change.


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