The place that we belong.

Let’s get lost in the wild, and live the life that we dream

Let’s dance along the wind, and wander in the ecstasy of freedom

Let’s run bare feet on the grass, and feel the softness that touches our  soul

Let’s float in the blue water, and let the tears of sorrow free

Let’s sit along the peaceful lake, and let the sadness melt away

Let’s feel the water splash on our faces, and each drop will make a memory

Let’s break free from our cages, and go to the the place that we belong



Slow down moments and make memories

You might have noticed that now a days time is passing way too fast. I think it’s been happening for a decade now. 2006 doesn’t seems so far but boy o boy! ten years have passed since we wrote 2006 at the end of our dates. I always feel that the series of years with 2 zeros wasn’t so far way.

But if I take a moment to think then, I’ll realize that back in 2006 I was a 6th grader now I’m almost a graduate student Yikes!

Anyways time is going really fast, but have you ever thought that even through your supersonic fast day you still manage to make memories? Well I do.

Trust me it seems magical if you think about it. The moments that manage to sneak into our brain and become residents in the memory lane are truly magical.

Think about it! A stupid joke on a casual day which gave whole of your squad teary eyes, you are going to remember it as a series of laughing faces, cheerful sounds, absolutely foolish remarks and much more. Well these are just moments going at a really fast speed but somehow they slowed down and became a part of you. So you could cherish them in the years to come.

My point is that memories are way too precious. Every day we have a chance to slow the moments and make them magical. No matter where we are, we can make memories, it is really simple. You can always find a way, if you really want to.

Life won’t be same forever. Make memories for these are the real treasures which you will cherish throughout your life.

Humanly world

I’ve been in this world for 20 years. Everyday makes me feel that this world is not the place where humans belong. I’m talking about the real humans, the one with true feelings and humanity, not the fake humans. What do I mean by the fake humans?
Well we all are fake humans it’s not that we intend to be fake humans, this world has made us fake, and the world we made. Humans are the machines which look like humans, but unfortunately they don’t have humanity.
Not completely but I’m also fake, Why not completely? Well I’m just saying that to defend the little humanity left inside me.
It is so annoying to see people post all kind and sensible stuff on social media, but in real world they are rude and senseless. Your Facebook posts and likes won’t change anything, but the person who was deeply hurt when you were talking bitterly to him/her will surely change something, but in a bad way. Everybody has a bad day, stress, pain, fear, depression, everyone faces them. But it doesn’t give you the right to cause turmoil among others. Kindness is all over the virtual world aka social world but it is almost nonexistent in the “real world”.
Be real, be a real human. Change is when you put a smile on someone’s face and trust me it makes your heart beat happily. When someone hugs you and cries their heart out, when someone relies on you when they are in trouble, when you hold someone’s hand and pull them up, that’s what brings the real change.